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Psst...all this section really is is all the old news since we can't cram EVERY single news item on the main page. It's a real pain for us, but it's a nice way to keep track of our site. Read on!
[News and Updates]

More Sections Updated @ 10:15 PM Tuesday January 18, 2000 by William
I added some songs at the jukebox and made a couple of buttons for whoever out there that wants to link to us, so please do so! The Intabang Top Sites Lists are up and running so please submit your site in it! I finished the "About William" and "William's Image Gallery" so please check those out too. That's all for now, I might add some more later tonight...for now see ya from Z!
Quote Collection @ 10:30 PM Monday January 17, 2000 by Rishi
I gathered my quote collection from home and typed them up...please read them since they teach you some really nice stuff. Uh...that's it for now, I'm writing the "About Rishi" section right now so I'll update later! See ya!
Intabang Opening @ 10:07 PM Monday January 17, 2000 by William
Well I basically spruced up the layout for the site and I perfected the jukebox. The jukbox is a really cool javascript that let's you play a selection of sounds and music so check it out now! I also added some quizlets for the voting booth so answer those please!