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[About Rishi]

Since this site is part mine, I though you would like to know a little about me. My name Is Rishi, and Iím currently in eighth grade, at Butler Jr. High. My hobbies are basketball(everything about it), playing sports, computers, talking to friends and doing things with them, and introspection at the world. Iím also very active in the stock market, and would like to be a money manager or mutual fund manager. I hope to go to Hinsdale Central High School, or IMSA(Illinois Math & Science Academy) I then want to go to a college, that has a good economics program, such as Harvard.

My other interest is being an internet entrapanuer. I have already made plans to start an internet company with a partner, this company would specialize in helping consumers pick products to buy off the net. I spend a lot of time on the internet, looking up stock and getting information. I love to be in Social Studies class, because it fascinating for me. I also like to write, and I enjoy psychology, and I like to study how people think, and look at the same scenario from different perspectives to get a neutral view. I also like reading quotes, because I appreciate the style and content needed, to make a quote, since it is only one line.